Monday, August 15, 2016

Download videos from Naver "V" app on Android phones

Naver "V"

Many readers have asked me how they can download the videos from Naver's V Live app on their phones. I've already gone over a few ways of downloading the videos on your computer. But here's a convenient way to do it right from your Android phone.

It's an Android app called "Stellar Browser" which is actually useful for downloading videos from many sites, and the author recently added Naver "V" to its arsenal. Here's how it works:

Using Stellar Browser

Open the app, and click the "V" to go directly to the V live homepage, or you can just visit the page manually. 

You obviously cannot download live videos, but once the broadcast is finished, you can download. 

Go ahead and find that dreamy new EXO video. 

Press the green "high quality" version button. The orange download arrow will appear at the bottom of the Stellar browser. Press it!

Swipe right in the browser to see the list of your downloaded videos. 

Downloading Stellar Browser

Because this browser can download videos from various sites (most importantly, from YouTube), Google does not allow it in the Play Store.

However, it is available in various other app stores:

Stellar Browser is available in multiple languages, including: Thai Indonesian Turkish Korean Hindi Russian Arabic Japanese French Chinese Italian German Spanish Portuguese

Special credit to 세바스찬 from whose blog post I've taken and translated the information:
Future belongs to those who prepare for it today : 네이버 블로그


  1. I can download the video but there is no subtitles.pls help me.

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  3. I bought Shinhwa's videos Vlive+. Is there an option to download the videos onto my PC so I can save it for future? I downloaded those videos through v live app, but not sure if I can transfer them.

  4. Can it be used for download vlive+ videos?

    1. Maybe? I'm not a premium Channel+ subscriber, so I can't try it.